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​Attorney James Walckner​​

​Attorney James Walckner

An attorney with real world experience.

Before committing himself to the defense of individuals facing criminal charges, Attorney Walckner was a police officer for over twenty years.  In that time he was trained in drunk driving detection.  He is one of a select few attorneys who actually​ administered field sobriety tests, conducted breathalyzer tests, and arrested people suspected of drunk driving.  Very few attorneys can speak first hand about the problems associated with field sobriety checkpoints and OUI arrests.

Now Attorney Walckner is on your side.  His brings this unique background to help you challenge unlawful police action and deviation from proper field sobriety testing and strict compliance with chemical breath test conditions. More than having an understanding of legal principles and how things are supposed to happen, he knows how things really happen when motorists are stopped, when people are arrested, and when evidence is gathered.  This unique perspective allows Attorney Walckner to find procedural flaws and other impermissible police action that can lead to suppression of key evidence and dismissal of charges.

A strong offense is your best defense.  Attacking evidence the prosecution needs to convict you wins cases.  Attacking the credibility of witnesses wins cases.  Attorney Walckner is your best defense.With the threat of a criminal conviction, incarceration, or substantial fines, know that Attorney Walckner produces results.