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​Attorney James Walckner​​

Most attorneys refrain from speaking about fees until you make an office visit and meet in person for a couple reasons.  First, each case is different and needs to be accessed individually.  In other words, not all cases are alike and may require different amounts of work.  Second, disclosing fees openly makes it easy for prospective clients to shop around for a "deal."  There are plenty of attorneys making the market competitive, and sometimes even cutthroat.  All that said, Attorney Walckner's philosophy is to offer information to you in advance of an initial consultation.  Transparency and honesty are the bedrock of a successful attorney-client relationship.

​Fee Structures

​Attorneys perform this type of work on either a flat fee or hourly basis.  Fees contingent on "winning" your OUI / drunk driving case are prohibited by rules of professional conduct.

​Forms of Payment

​Walckner Law Office welcomes cash, check, and credit card payments that can be made online or in the office.

​Consultation Fees

​A one-time consultation fee of $275 is accessed.  The consultation fee is credited towards legal fees for prospective clients who choose to retain Attorney Walckner to represent them in defense of an OUI / Drunk Driving charge.

OUI / Drunk Driving Fee Schedule

​Each case must be evaluated on its individual merits.  Other costs, such as those relating to private investigators, accident reconstructionists, or materials costs for exhibits, are the responsibility of the client.  While Attorney Walckner reserves the right to amend this schedule or make changes without notice, his flat fees are as follows:​​

​Fees and Costs

OUI / DWI Fee Schedule
# OUI Offense

Additional Fee for

Breath or Blood Test

Addition Fee if

Trial Date Set