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Like the Walk and Turn, this test is administered and graded in two stages: an Instruction Stage and a Balance & Counting Stage.

Instruction Stage: The officer explains the test while the driver stands with feet together and arms at his sides.  The officer will be looking for clues, such as swaying while balancing.

Balance & Counting Stage: The driver is required to stand on one foot, raising the other foot approximately six (6) inches off the ground, with toes pointed out, keeping both legs straight and arms down to the side.  In this position, the driver must count out loud, until told to stop, while looking at his raised foot.  The test is designed to have the person perform this test for thirty (30) seconds.

A driver is thought to fail this test when two (2) or more of the following four (4) clues are presented:

  1. Swaying while balancing
  2. Raising arms and using them to balance
  3. Hopping
  4. Touching the raised foot to the ground before thirty seconds have elapsed

The test is not appropriate for people over age 65, overweight by at least fifty (50) pounds, or those with back, leg, or inner ear problems.

​One Leg Stand Field Sobriety Test